The guild

Oulun Tietoteekkarit ry is a student guild for the Computer Science and Engineering students of the University of Oulu, found in 1988. The guild brings together older students and freshmen, and organises various fun activities by themselves and with other student guilds. The guild is run by the board that is chosen for one year at a time. The guilds officials help the board with running the guild.

The guild organises various fun activities for its members, including excursions and sauna-evenings. The guild publishes the magazine Terminaali about 4 times a year, which acts as a way for the guilds members to get their voice heard and to publish their stories for any guild member to read. The freshman edition of Terminaali, which is published at the very beginning of each autumn, introduces new freshmen to the basics of guild activities and student life at the university.

The guild room, which is located in the x doors corridor near the x2 door in a bomb shelter, acts as a meeting place for the guild members. You can find good company there.